Save money on your invoice

Save money on your invoice

Save money on your invoice

Study and installation of photovoltaic panels

  • Feasibility study and design of your photovoltaic solar power plant project
  • The numerical analysis of your performance with the average production of solar electricity per month
  • The performance of your installation in relation to your consumption and therefore the overall amortization
  • The installation of your solar panels in Morocco by our teams of technicians
  • Monitoring your production via digital monitoring
  • Maintenance of your installation

Our mission

Our strengths

  • IITS is a dynamic and versatile team
  • We have professional and high-performance tools, the best equipment (from the top 5 global manufacturers)
  • The qualified collaborators and partners to successfully carry out your projects

Our approach

  • Study of the profitability of your project

  • Propose the best mounting system based on the surface on which the photovoltaic panels will be installed: on the ground, on a terrace, or on a steel or tile roof

  • The study of the profitability and return on investment of your project

  • Propose an evolving solution that ensures the sustainability of your investments

  • The monitoring of your production through intelligent monitoring

  • The proposal for the maintenance and upkeep of your installation

Our solutions and who they are intended for

Self-production solution (On-grid)

The system allows you to consume the energy that you produce yourself, thanks to our panels and to reduce Thus, their electricity bill

They are intended for

  • Individuals
  • Companies working in the tertiary or industrial sector
  • Farmers (for pumping and irrigation)
  • Energy-intensive professionals (electricity bill>= 1500 DH)

Autonomous solution (Off-grid)

The solar system is not connected to The electrical grid, which allows electricity to be produced in a way that Autonomous (Off-grid) for customers who do not have access to electricity

Installation and maintenance services for solar energy systems

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