International IT Services and its partners offer an innovative approach to support

The farmer to make his digital transformation from the study of the existing until the marketing of

its harvest, this offer is made up of the following services:

Service of audit and study of the existing farm:

  • Physical and chemical characteristics of agricultural plots
  • Energetic costs and inputs Human and technical organization

Proposal and Implementation of hardware and software solutions for precision farming in order to reduce:

  • investments and use of agricultural machinery,
  • Consumption of inputs and energy (water, electricity, gas)
  • The use of labor
  • Livestock and animal surveillance in the field

Proposal and Implementation of an energy production solution

of solar energy for irrigation and to supply the different needs of the farm in terms of electricity consumption

Proposal and implementation of a video surveillance and tracking solution

tracking of agricultural equipment to secure access to the farm and resources

Support and assistance in accessing public and private funding

The establishment of an e-commerce website to sell operating products on the net

Support by our agronomic and technical experts all throughout production


Precision agriculture involves the use of remote sensing, soil sampling and information management tools to improve production. Precision farming often involves using geospatial data to optimize results. It also helps manage inputs and reduce chemical applications. “
One of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture today is the use of advanced technology to plant, fertilize and harvest crops. He is driven by the natural evolution of technology and the daunting task of feeding 7 billion people. IITS, with its partners, is proud to be at the forefront of the latest technologies.
Our staff remains committed to helping customers make the best decisions about the next steps for their farm and the best use of the data provided by technology.