Smart Building

  • Building management: Share IoT data with the BMS / BAS system to optimize heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Well-being: Monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, barometric pressure, ambient light and ambient noise Use of space Conference rooms, offices and toilets Smart bathroom Monitor usage, paper dispensers, soap dispensers, legionella
  • People counting: Monitoring the use of areas, soils and buildings
  • Surveillance: Monitor restricted areas

Precision Farming

  • Physical and chemical soil audit
  • Monitoring of plot yields
  • Plant disease detection
  • Tracking of agricultural equipment
  • Livestock monitoring; Mobile grain quality control
  • Management of the traceability of agricultural products
  • Solution allowing the use of fertilizers and pesticides at variable rates in the plots


  • Monitoring and management of energy consumption.
  • Monitoring of water, oil and gas levels in storage tanks and cisterns.
  • Monitoring and optimization of performance in solar power plants.
  • Measurement of water pressure in water transport systems.


Industrie 4.0

  • Real-time monitoring of production chain parameters
  • Implementation of an intelligent access control and supervision system
  • Monitoring the filling level in the SILOS
  • Monitoring the consumption of electrical energy, generators, batteries, solar, etc.
  • Monitoring the temperature of the production line
  • Monitoring: air conditioning systems


  • Counting people in real time in a private or public space for orientation and security needs.
  • Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in unauthorized areas.
  • Detection of liquids in data centers, warehouses and sensitive areas to prevent breakdowns and corrosion.
  • Detection of gas levels and leaks in industrial environments, chemical factory environments and indoor mines.


  • Fall Detection: Assistance to the elderly or disabled living independently.

  • Medical fridges: Control of conditions inside freezers storing vaccines, drugs and organics.

  • Patient monitoring: Monitoring of patient conditions inside hospitals and in retirement homes.

  • Ultraviolet radiation: Measurement of UV rays to warn people not to be exposed at certain times.


Transform your business models and processes

Manage all your investments in IoT technology (devices, sensors and gateways) and connect them to your applications for unprecedented information.

Bridging the gap between legacy protocols and new IoT technologies

Prepare your applications for the future with a semantic data model.

Integrate intelligence into your operations

Move to a smart business by integrating real-time sensor data into business solutions to accelerate time to market and innovation.

Flexible and reliable message processing

Process incoming messages according to your specific use case Activate several processing services and use your resources



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