Power generation solution

The methodology used to set up a photovoltaic energy production solution is as follows:

  • Study of water needs:

This involves assessing the water requirements expressed in m3 / day for each month of the year.

We will take into account the distribution of crops envisaged We will check the sizing

of the irrigation network and especially the power of the pumps taking into account the energy sources

possible: solar, public network and generators.

  • Comparative analysis of electricity supply options, sizing

and technical concept, cost estimate

We will analyze on the technical plans (design and sizing of equipment, operating constraints, etc.)

and financial (investment and operating cost) the possibilities of power supply to the irrigation system constituted

a combination of the following three options:

  1. use of solar energy

  2. connection to the ONEE network

  3. use of a diesel generator

We will determine the “optimal” energy solution which will certainly consist of a hybrid solution which combines the 3 options mentioned above.

  • Budget estimate and acquisition and implementation of the solution

Once the optimal solution has been approved, a precise estimate of the overall cost will be made and the acquisition and implementation will be carried out.

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