Financing and support for farmers

IITS assists, through specialized consultants, farmers and investors to benefit from subsidies and aid provided by governments and organizations specialized in the field of agriculture.

  • These subsidies are used for:
  • Laboratory analyzes
  • Irrigation and land development
  • Solar energy equipment
  • Drip equipment to reduce water use
  • Purchase of agricultural and crop protection equipment
  • Plant and animal production
  • to set up agricultural product development units
  • promotion and diversification of exports

establishment of an e-commerce website and a marketplace

Agricultural e-commerce can not only promote the sale of agricultural products, but also the transformation of the market, passing from the model ‘sale according to production’ to a model ‘production according to sale’, that is why we will support the farmer at:

  • The establishment of website and e-commerce to promote its products
  • Put its products on sale on our market platform specializing in agricultural products

Support by our agronomic and technical experts throughout production

From the diagnosis of soil heterogeneity to intraparcellular modulation, including advice, the implementation of solutions and the marketing of products,we provide farmers with turnkey solutions for innovative precision farming.





  • With more years of expertise, our agronomists and our technical experts provide farmers with the know-how and means necessary to support farmers in their process of progress.
  • Thanks to this local support facilitating the implementation of decision rules and complex technologies,
  • We are committed to making “happy” all farmers who wish to practice ingenious and sustainable precision farming.