ZKTBioSecurity Solution

Our partner ZKTeco has developed professional solutions for different sectors

Access control solution for Industry

Access control solution for hotels.

Access control solution for schools

Access control solution for parking lots

Access control solution for businesses

Access Control solution for the industry sector including:

• Metal detection system with integrated people counting system

• X-ray machine • Smart parking lock

• Inspection of the chassis of the cars

• Automatic verification of license plates (with an LPR camera)

• Access control and monitoring of LPR presence

• Real-time parking lot monitoring

• Global link – contextual surveillance video

• Limitation of access by time zone • global anti-passback

• Employee self-identification • Multi-location

• Merging with third-party human resource management • Managing guard patrols

• Multi-level approvals and automatic email alerts

Access control solution for schools

– Pick up students with biometric verification

– Mobile application to receive notifications from students

– Management of the attendance time of students and teachers

– Student position in real time, counting people and following routes in the school

– GPS positioning of students (outside school)

– user-friendly interface

– High availability BioHA solution 24 hours a day

Access control system for parking lots

With the rapid development of the world economy and the constant improvement in the standard of living, the number of vehicles has increased. for efficient vehicle management, more and more parking lots and vehicle management areas are starting to use license plate recognition products (LPR) and ultra-high frequency products (UHF). The automatic identification of the license plate allows quick access of the vehicle to the car park, which provides a practical experience for the user.

Access control and pointing solution for companies including:

– Unlimited administrator and employee accounts

– Web-based solution

– One touch to access all areas

– Fully functional visitor module

– Multi-card technologies:

Supports HID, HID iClass, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, DESFire EV1 / EV2, LEGIC, Proximity ID

– Biometric technology support:

Recognition of fingerprints and veins, palms and faces

Access control solution for Hotels

The ZKBioSecurity hotel management system is specially designed to meet the needs of hotels, with maximum security, personalized style and low operating costs. It allows complete access control, system management and easy installation including: • Web-based multi-site hotel management solution • Transparent integration with the access control and elevator module in the total ZKBioSecurity solution • Registration, departure and reservation for the hotel client • Creation of master, building, door and other employee cards • Creation of file to obtain the unlocking logs for the hotel lock • The matrix design allows you to see the state of the room • Prepayment option - Hotel consumption management • Room usage report sent automatically from the system • Replaceable company logo on the print list